Naguleswaram Temple

A very old temple with natural spring ponds, believed to have medicinal properties.

Believed to have been built in the 7th century, Naguleswaram Temple in Keerimalai, Jaffna is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the five ancient Shiva temples in Sri Lanka. Its history predates the arrival of Prince Vijaya to the country and was once known as Thiruthambaleswaram Kovil of Keerimalai. A sequence of archways leads to the sanctum where the largest Sivalingam in Sri Lanka lies. It is said that the Sivalingam is made out of a very rare material. The temple festival is held during Maha Shivaratri and attracts many devotees. Maasi Magam and Aadi Amavasai(new moon) are also special days at the Naguleswaram temple. The Keerimalai natural spring ponds, which is said to have medicinal properties is just a short distance away from the temple.

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