Nagapooshani Amman Kovil

A much revered Kovil located in the island of Nainativu, near Jaffna.

The Nagapooshani Amman Kovil is situated on the islet of Nainativu and is a boat ride away from the Jaffna peninsula. Dedicated to Nagapooshani Amman, an avatar of Durga, it is said that this temple has great divine power. The Kovil has four magnificent gopurams, the Raja raja Gopuram, rising to a height of 108 feet, East Gopuram, South East Gopuram and South Gopuram. Many devotees visit the Kovil, especially during the Mahostavam thiruvilla, which is celebrated during June and July. It is said that the statue of Goddess Nagapoosani with lingam and the ten headed Ravana at the bottom is  special to the kovil and is not to be found elsewhere. The Nagadeepa Buddhist temple is just a short distance away.

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